Flip Backfires on Cisco's John Chambers

Caught on camera!

Cisco CEO John Chambers is becoming quite the unlikely video star, teaching onlookers the proper techniques for a duck call.

The video is getting widespread internet play.

"Duck Calls By Cisco CEO John Chambers" has already gotten more than a 1,000 views on Google's YouTube.

But the interesting part of all this: the video was apparently shot by someone using a Flip camera from Pure Digital. You'll remember that Cisco bought Pure Digital earlier this year for more than $500 million. The idea was that video is becoming a bigger and bigger deal on computer networks, and Cisco believes the time is right to forge ahead in its consumer electronics initiatives. The more video online, the more video shared on the network, the more in demand Cisco's higher margin, back-end routers and networking equipment will be.

But you gotta wonder if duck calls on the internet by Chambers himself is what Cisco had in mind.

Meantime, Chambers' duck calling technique is pretty spot on. No word on how is aim might be.

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