Are the Voices Becoming a Chorus?

Part of being an editor-type is looking for patterns; headlines that might signal a trend to which you can hitch your newsgathering wagon. I saw three this morning ...

Cramer: Obama is Hurting the Economy.

Cashin: Stimulus Package was a "Hoax."

Kudlow: How Washington Can Help Business.

These guys are regular commentators and throwing stones at the administration is hardly surprising. And their thoughts reflect in large part their respective investor followings. Wall Street has always had issues with the Obama administration, typical of the general capital vs. labor, Republican vs. Democrat divide that dominates American political discussions.


But these comments just seemed to synch up this morning. And it strikes me as a what's been a voice here and a shout there is becoming more of a chorus. Could it build in volume as more of these stinky retail sales come out?