Who should President Obama choose to be the next Fed head?

We asked our panel:

Who should President Obama choose to be the next Fed head?

Bernanake 7
Larry Summers-2
Kevin Warsh-1
Sarah Palin-1
None of the Above-1
Sarah Romer-0
Janet Yellen-0

The Kudlow Caucus
The Kudlow Caucus

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The Caucus Breakdown

Ben Bernanke
Joe Battipaglia
Market Strategist, Stifel Nicolaus
While he failed to take pre-emptive actions well ahead of the credit collapse, he has executed an appropriate recovery strategy for the next several years.

Sarah Palin
Jerry BowyerChief Economist, Benchmark Financial Network
The fed already has more than its share of technocrats. What it needs is someone who has the character to focus on one simple moral principle: a sound dollar. The rest precisely because of their background will be far more tempted to tinker.

Ben Bernanke
Keith BoykinFmr. Clinton White House Aide / The Daily Voice Editor
Although there's still plenty of time for things to change, so far Bernanke seems to have the confidence of the president and seems committed to keeping interest rates low despite premature GOP talk of inflation. As a Republican appointee from the Bush administration, Bernanke helps create bipartisan support for Obama's economic policies. Larry Summers is a good backup, but he definitely should not appoint Sarah Palin.

Ben Bernanke
Vince FarrellScotsman Capital Management
He has shown the wisdom and initiative to continue to lead. The worst thing would be to appoint someone from the political side of the aisle (Summers or Romer, both of whom work in the White House) as that would show a clear attempt to rob the Fed of its independence. The markets would react very negatively to that.

But then by gosh, by golly, Sarah needs a job and she is as equipped to be the Fed Chair as she was to be VP !

Ben Bernanke
Doug KassPresidnt, Seabreeze Partners Management

"So I'd like to know where, you got the notion
Said I'd like to know where, you got the notion
To rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby
Rock the boat, don't tip the boat over
Rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby
Rock the boat."
Corporation Hues, Don’t Rock the Boat

From my perch Chairman Bernanke has proven to be the most competent in the previous Bush administration and, quite possibly, among the handful of the most capable in the Obama administration.
A change to someone like (presumably favored candidate) Larry Summers would underscore the growing lack of independence of the Federal Reserve and would jeopardize consumer and business confidence which is already quite fragile.

My advice? Dont rock the boat! And, I'd like to know where the President got the notion!!

Ben Bernanke
Jim LaCampSenior VP, Portfolio Manager
Macroportfolio Advisors
Co-Host, Opening Bell Radio Show, Biz Radio Network
We are too far into this to make a change that would certainly create uncertainties that would rattle an already shaky financial system.
Unless you want to throw Volcker in there!

Larry Summers
Art LafferFmr. Reagan Economic Advisor
Chief Investment Officer, Laffer Investments
God Help America.

Kevin Warsh
Donald L. Luskin Chief Investment Officer, Trend Macrolytics LLC
Not Sarah Palin. Very high babe factor, but not voted most likely to save the world. Larry Summers would no doubt agree with me, given his dim view of women’s career potential.

Ben Bernanke would be a safe choice. He’s done the least bad job of any of the bank regulators. But he bears the Mark of Caen for his complicity in the Fed’s too-easy policy in 2003-2005, which caused the housing and credit bubbles.

Kevin Warsh is the man. Just read his speeches as Fed governor – he totally gets it. And best of all? He’s not an economist. Hard to believe, but he’s a Fed governor with actual market experience.

None of the Above
Steve MooreSr. Economics Writer, The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board
Sorry, but my choice among these five is none of the above. Bernanke is a Phillips curve guy and hasn't been a strong critic of the Obama fiscal policy mayhem. He has to go, but to be replaced with someone who believes in King Dollar. Larry Kudlow or Art Laffer.

Larry Summers
James Pethokoukis
Sr. Writer, U.S. News & World Report (Money & Business)
While he might be portrayed as Obama's stooge at the Fed, Larry Summers would be a fiercely independent voice with academic, government and private sector experience. Plus he is a free trader who understands the value of fiscal responsibility.

Ben Bernanke
Robert Reich
Former Labor Secretary
Professor of Public Policy, UC Berkeley
He’ll go down in history as one of the most innovative and successful Fed chairs in history.

Ben Bernanke
Lynn Tilton
CEO, Patriarch Partners
I do not agree with all the decisions aligned to monetary or fiscal policy, nor do I believe that the manipulation of both will ultimately balance and protect this country from inflation. I do argue, however, that a change of leadership and direction at this time could lead to disastrous results for an already very weak economy.