Frontier or Backwater?

The mass adoption of not just cell phones but smartphones is leaving the 20th century’s landline in the dust. That’s why Verizon Communications is dumping its tethered telecom biz bit by bit and focusing on mobile. So far the move has worked out well, though not for the companies buying those landlines. Frontier Communications is the latest acquirer of Verizon’s old-world tech, and Cramer on Monday wondered if this firm would suffer the same fate.

Frontier agreed to buy 4.8 million landlines from Verizon in exchange for $5.25 billion in stock and the assumption of $3.3 billion in debt. As a result, VZ shareholders will get one FTR share for every 4.2 of their Verizon shares. The deal will make Frontier America's largest rural phone carrier, leaving investors, both present and potential, wondering what to do now. Do the Frontier faithful hold on and wait for a turn up? Should those who want in wait until Verizon shareholders dump their newfound holdings, sinking FTR’s share price even more and offering a great entry point? Is waiting at all worth it given the constant innovation and progression in this industry?

Frontier Chairman, CEO and President Maggie Wilderotter appeared on Mad Money to answer these questions and more. In particular, she told us whether the stock's 11.4% dividend yield was safe. Watch the video for Cramer’s full interview.

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