Playing 'Where's Bernie?' Via Internet

We had a fun little game of "Where in the World is Bernie Madoff" in the newsroom yesterday. We're still playing it a little bit today.

It's either Atlanta on his way to Butner, N.C., or Butner on his way to Atlanta. Maybe just Atlanta. Since the prison officials won't come out and say it, journalists are left to playing 20-

Bernie Madoff
Bernie Madoff

questions and interpreting murmurs and whispers. That's the business sometimes.

We'll eventually sort it out.

But in doing the tracking, you can have fun with the Federal Bureau of Prisons' Inmate Locator. As of this writing it is saying Madoff is in the Atlanta Penitentiary.

You can also the locator to check on his fellow prison mates. As everyone was scrambling to come up with stories about Butner yesterday, it came in handy ... especially as a Wikipedia check. (Yes, the truth is many reporters use Wikipedia. It is, frankly, a very good bird dog. But you always have to doublecheck what you read there. Sometimes it is wrong.)