Smith & Wesson CEO Talks To Fast Money

Gun sales have been robust in 2009 as enthusiasts purchase firearms ahead of a rumored White House crackdown. And perhaps no gun maker is benefiting more from the rush to buy than Smith & Wesson, one of the nation’s oldest companies.

Founded in 1852, demand for Smith and Wesson guns exploded after the start of the Civil War. By 1870, the company was the world 's premiere maker of handguns having produced the first large caliber cartridge revolver. Their two most important customers? United States Cavalry and the Russian Imperial Government.

Over the years the company has developed some of the world's most famous guns, but perhaps none is better known than the six-shot, double-action revolver Smith & Wesson made for the movie Dirty Harry.


And if you want to make Harry's day, just show him Smith & Wesson's share price. Year to date the stock has climbed about 130%.

Should you get fired up about this stock?

S&W recently acquired Universal Safety Response, explains Fast Money trader Guy Adami. That could make them a force in homeland security and I'm a buyer.

Last quarter was phenomenal but the question becomes are they out of bullets, adds Joe Terranova. And I mean that seriously.

Can the firm maintain the momentum. Find out from Smith & Wesson Chief Michael Golden. Watch the video now!

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