CPI Details: Where the costs are rising

The Consumer Price Index was up .7% last month, while the core CPI rate, excluding energy and food, rose 0.2%. The consumer price index fell 1.19% in June from a year earlier.

Here is a breakdown of the inflation benchmark to show you where costs are rising most. For June, the core CPI jumped 0.20%. A 7.43% rise in energy prices drove the topline number to .74%.

  • CPI: Up +.74%
    • Ex Food & Energy: Up +.20%
    • Food: Up +.05%
    • Energy: Up +7.43%
  • Housing: Down -.03%
  • Apparel: Up +.70%
  • Transportation: Up +4.20%
  • Medical Care: Up +.21%
  • Recreation: Up +.48%
  • Education & Communication: Up +.15%
  • Other Goods & Svcs: Up +.27%

The change in the core shows that at least for now, inflation is not an issue. The futures are pointing up this morning after positive earnings news from Intel. In the pre-markets, Cisco, Hewlett Packard , Intel , Microsoft , and IBM are leading the Dow.

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