Market Tips: Selloff Looming for Stocks, Euro

Global stocks were up Wednesday on the back of a spate of better-than-expected earnings reports. But experts tell CNBC the rally is unlikely to last, and that a selloff is looming for stocks and the euro.

Another Market Crash in the Offing?

We will see another market crash in the offing says Enzio von Pfeil, CEO of, who does not think the stimulus packages implemented by governments the world over are working.

Selloff Seen in Third Quarter

Expect to see a selloff in the third quarter, says Ron Napier, head of Napier Investment Advisors, as the combination of higher taxes and less fiscal stimulus could hurt the economy.

Sell Into the Rally

Investors should use a market rally to unload any overweight equity portion in their portfolio, says Vicks Poon, head of investment advisory at Fubon Bank (HK).

Investor Optimism in Asia Increases

India and China lead the way in terms of market optimism, says Nick Toovey, regional head of Equity at ING Investment Management Asia Pacific. He tells CNBC that more Asian investors believe the economy will improve in the third quarter of this year.

Watch Out for Consolidation on Hang Seng

Watch out for some near-term consolidation on the Hang Seng, warns Steve Tse, research manager at BEA Union Investment Management. He tells CNBC why that he has a near-term target of 16,000 on the HSI.

Euro-Dollar Seen Weakening

Jan Lambregts, global head of financial markets research at Rabobank Int'l expects the euro-dollar to weaken to around $1.32 in 3 months time and hit $1.28 on a 12-month horizon.

Upbeat on Commodity Currencies

Kathy Lien, director of currency research at GFT Trading is upbeat on commodity currencies.

Future of Tech Stocks Uncertain

It's very hard to tell where tech stocks are going in the near term says Joe Magyer, senior analyst at The Motley Fool.

Semiconductor Outlook Looks Strong, But Not Rosy

Though the outlook for semiconductors in the second half of the year looks strong, it does not mean they are heading toward a "normal period", says Bhavin Shah, managing director and head of global technology research at JPMorgan Securities.

Corporate Financing Faces Credit Crunch

Corporate America's balance sheets are pretty decent, but Ron Napier, Head Napier Investment Advisors, feels that companies are going to face problems borrowing money to fund expansion.

Investor Optimism Premature?

Investors have a "renewed sense of optimism" and risk is returning to the market, but it could be bit premature, Jack Bouroudjian from Capital Market Technologies told CNBC.