Your Best Commodity Trades: Strategist

Commodities are the most transparent markets and this is how you can trade them, said Jonathan Kleisner of REX Capital Group.

“Given the backdrop of all the stimulus, you can only imagine that at some point, there will be an inflationary issue,” Kleisner told CNBC.

“And there really isn’t a better hedge against that kind of inflationary increase than raw materials — and among that, the most securitized commodity is probably gold .”

Kleisner said he also sees a lot of value in sugar .

“Sugar is over 40 percent year-to-date,” he said. “It’s a great inflationary play in that it is a global staple, and it also has an emerging market factor that most of the production of sugar is in Brazil, which is one of the more thriving economies. So you have a lot of value in a play like that.”



No immediate information was available for Kleisner or his firm.


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