Goldman, JPM Leave the Rest Behind: Strategist

After better-than-expected results from Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase this week, Ralph Silva, director at TowerGroup, told CNBC the disparity between them and the rest of the banks in the U.S. has widened so much that there is no longer any competition within the U.S. banking sector.

"The difference between the 'haves' — JPMorgan and Goldman — and the 'have nots' — pretty much everyone else — has widened extremely," Silva said.

"There's going to be four banks at most at the top in the U.S.," he predicted.

"JPMorgan and Goldman seem to be getting all the business, and everybody else seems to be suffering," he told CNBC.

The competition for Goldman and JPMorgan

won't come from American banks. It will come from when banks start to go cross border again, Silva said. They aren't doing that right now, they're still very conservative, still domestic, he added.

"It's going to take an HSBC , a BNP Paribas to actually go into the U.S. market again to compete against these," he said.

"It's very poor of us to go out and look at JPMorgan and Goldman and say 'that's it, we're done because those companies are doing well.'"

"The rest of the banks are doing very poorly, especially the small to medium sized banks in the U.S," Silva said. "Run! Don't walk, run away from these (banks) because they're all in trouble."