Berkshire Hathaway Rallies 6% For Best Week Since March Lows


Shares of Berkshire Hathaway gained 6.0 percent this week, their best showing since early March when Warren Buffett's company bounced off its lows for a 14.2 percent surge.

But the benchmark S&P 500 stock index also had its best week since March, and remains ahead of Berkshire in year-to-date performance (excluding dividends). The "market" is up 4.1 percent in 2009, compared to Berkshire's 6.3 percent drop.

Berkshire's advance this week comes just after Barron's bullish call on the stock last weekend. But at $90,500 today (Friday), BRK is still well below the 12-month price target of $110,000 that writer Andrew Barry called not "outlandish." They're also trading below their recent high of about $95,000 in early May.

Two of Buffett's big investments from last fall were in the headlines this week.

Goldman Sachs soared over 10 percent this week, on the heels of a very strong earnings report, continuing its ongoing rally.

Not only is Buffett getting an annual interest rate of 10 percent on his $5 billion investment, the "bonus" warrants that were thrown into the deal are now worth almost $1.8 billion on their own. In March, those warrants were just becoming profitable.

But shares of General Electric , CNBC's parent company, remain mired in the low $10s, well below the $22.25 strike price of the warrants Buffett received as part of his $3 billion investment in that company. (GE fell 6 percent today followed its earnings report.)

Of course, Buffett still gets the prime attraction of that deal, a 10 percent annual interest rate on his loan to GE, the same rate being paid by Goldman.

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