CNBC’s Sports Twitter Rankings (July ’09)

It’s the third month of our rankings that seek to determine the best tweeters in the sports world. As noted in our previous rankings, the idea is to call attention to the people who consistently put out the most relevant tweets, not necessarily the people with the most followers. Yes, I'm sorry Charlie Villanueva (@CV31) and Chris Bosh (@chrisbosh) -- your race to 50,000 followers this month won't allow you to crack this list.

Since we can’t possibly monitor everyone in Twitterland, please feel free to send in your submissions, both on Twitter (@darrenrovell1) and at

1.Stewart Cink (@stewartcink):Cink became a Twitter phenomenon by embracing the medium before most. All he needed was a big win. Now that he’s got the British Open title, he’s going to be relevant to follow. In the last 52 days, Cink, who hit 570,000 followers today, has picked more than 6,000 followers a day. It’s hard to believe, but he has more followers than Lady Gaga.

Best recent tweet: “Now on board flight back to the States, with one more carry-on than I had on the way over.

2.Lance Armstrong (@lancearmstrong),Levi Leipheimer(@LeviLeipheimer) and Johan Bruyneel(@johanbruyneel): Astana teammates Armstrong and Leipheimer have helped the sport of cycling by being great tweeters. Getting inside dirt on the Tour De France has been great, especially with the addition of commentary by Astana team boss Bruyneel. Armstrong provided his usually good insight, Leipheimer tweeted from his surgery and Bruyneel filled in the rest.

Best recent Armstrong tweet: “Knock knock. Another antidoping control. Seems excessive but I'm not complaining. This is a good thing. I like good things times 40.”

Best recent Leipheimer tweet: “Tweetering while watching the surgery

Best recent Bruyneel tweet: We just arrived at our glamourous hotel.”

3.Mark Titus (@clubtrillion):Since debuting on our Twitter rankings last month this guy –- who just happens to ride the pine for the Ohio State basketball team -– continues to deliver a laugh more than anyone we can find. He can drop the sports knowledge, but we’re continually impressed with his range and think he deserves more than the 4,300 people who follow him.

Best recent tweet: “Would you rather wear a tuxedo every day for twenty years or let Brock Lesnar hit you square in the face as hard as he could one time?”

4. Bill Simmons (@sportsguy33):The popular columnist is one of two people, along with Shaquille O’Neal, to make our top 10 rankings for three straight months. And with good reason. Simmons continues to fire off extremely witty commentary in 140 characters or less, of course.

Best recent tweet: “FYI: If Stu Cink beats Watson here, he's going to follow that up by stabbing Santa Claus to death.”

5. Evan Morgenstein (@sportsagentevan):The hits keep coming for the Olympic sports agent who is as blunt as they come.

Best recent tweet: “At 6am I'm watching Bass fishing, just once I'd love to see the fish win!”

6. Shaquille O’Neal (@THE_REAL_SHAQ): After months of being on fire, the sporting world’s most followed (1.7 million) didn’t produce anything special this month aside from asking UFC president Dana White if he could square off in the Octagon. He disappointed us by not using Twitter to pick a new nickname –- seemed like a natural, didn’t it?

Best recent tweet: “follow @danawhiteufc n tell him i needa superman weight class.”

7. Morgan Pressel (@morganpressel): The LPGA might be suffering, but the women of golf are consistently the best tweeters. Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) cracked this list in May and Christina Kim (@TheChristinaKim) has some great nuggets. But Pressel, who like Cink can help herself if she can win a tournament sometime soon, takes the cake this month.

Best recent tweet: “actually quite sore from has been a while. a bit stiff...although the instructor was the most flexible man i have ever seen. Scary.”

8. Chad Ochocinco (@OGOchoCinco): The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver is as nuts as they come. Follow him and you’ll see. This month, all his 60,000 followers have been tracking his quest to be verified by Twitter and to stop a fake Ochocinco from posing as him.

Best recent tweet: “I ain't no got damn celeb or my account wouldve been verified by now, DAMIT! Don't the Twitter folks watch ESPN!!! I am so bruised inside.”

9. Justin Gimelstob (@justingimelstob): You would think the best tennis tweeter would be someone like Andy Roddick or Andy Murray (who are both on Twitter), but it’s actually a retired player turned broadcaster in Gimelstob who gives us a combination of inside tennis scoop and a weird look into his life.

Best recent tweet: “True or False... I just lost $300 in 2 mins playing WAR? True! the lowest common denominator of gambling. guilty as charged!”

10. Sam Farmer (@LATimesfarmer): Farmer gets the media spot reserved on this list for taking us along on his climb with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell up Mount Rainier this month. Reception issues led to some blackouts, but we applaud Farmer for the effort.

Best recent tweet: “It's an emotional deal, some say a religious experience. Goodell didn't hold back tears at the top.”