Jets Owner Says New Stadium Will Be Sold Out

Last week, we included the New York Jets in our story about how, for some teams, season ticket waiting lists are now irrelevant due to the economy.

NY Jets owner Woody Johnson
NY Jets owner Woody Johnson

Today, Jets owner Woody Johnson came on CNBC’s “Closing Bell” to discuss the challenges.

How tough is it?

Johnson: “This year it is tougher. We’ve been sold out for 35 years, so the fact that we have unsold tickets and are working through our waiting list is unprecedented. But we’re working through it and we’re confident that we can sell them all.

Will you have to cut prices like the New York Yankees and the New York Giants?

Johnson: “We’ve cut prices in a way. We don’t have personal seat licenses - PSL’s – on 27,000 seats. So we did that up front recognizing that we wanted to have something for everybody and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

What percentage of the new stadium have you sold for its 2010 debut?

Johnson: “I’ll say this. We’re confident that by a year from now we’ll be sold out.”

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