Expect Apple to Report Strong Earnings: Strategist

Apple is expected to report strong earnings results after the closing bell on Tuesday. Keith Woolcock, co-founder of Cyck Partners shares his insights on the company.

"Apple does typify the force of innovation," Woolcock told CNBC. “This is a company that was there from the beginning as a PC and most of its revenue, up until a few years, came from PCs. And then it was the iPod and you’re now about two years from until the iPhone becomes the main driver of the company.”

Woolcock said Apple is known to be conservative on its results, but expects it to continue to perform better in the long-run compared to companies like Nokia .

“There are so many large companies that will not make it," he said. "Nokia has been going on about smart phones since the mid-90s, but it will never reach the 'promised land' because it will be invaded by other companies like Apple.”

According to Woolcock, Apple is close to getting partnership approval with China's second largest operator to export the iPhone to the Asian nation, which provides another threat to Nokia.

Woolcock said Nokia wouldn’t pose as big a threat as Google — which will be Apple's biggest competitor.

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