Warren Buffett to Get 'Animated' In Live CNBC Squawk Box Interview


Warren Buffett will appear live on CNBC's Squawk Box this morning (Friday) at 8:30a ET to explain why he's getting even more animated than usual.

We'll also ask him about the economy and financial markets.

(UPDATE: Read highlights of the interview in the WBW post WARREN BUFFETT TO CNBC: INVEST IN STOCKS EVEN AT DOW 9000.)

Buffett will speak to us in the first of a series of promotional interviews for a new online animated series called Secret Millionaire's Club.

Three to five minute long "webisodes" feature a cartoon Buffett as a "mentor to a group of kids who have adventures in business and learn financial lessons along the way."

Buffett is quoted in a news release as saying, "What better time to help educate our kids about financial responsibility ... I am excited to introduce a series that is as fun as it is informative."

Secret Millionaire's Club is one of four programs in a just-announced slate of "purpose-driven entertainment for children" to be distributed online by AOL.


They are produced by A Squared, a company recently formed by "industry and marketing veterans" Andy Heyward and Amy Moynihan.

Heyward's former company,DIC Entertainment, had announced plans for Secret Millionaire's Club with Buffett back in 2006, but it didn't appear to go anywhere.

(There is, however, a video clip on MSN from a PBS program at the time that describes the project. It shows Buffett recording voiceovers for the program and includes a somewhat nervous animator who had the job of turning one of the world's richest people into a cartoon.)


A Squared is also unveiling educational animated series featuring Gisele Bündchen (environment), Martha Stewart (creativity), and the late Carl Sagan (science.)

The goal, says Heyward in the news release, is to create "great entertainment for kids that also serves to teach them about the world around them in fun ways."

It's not the first time Buffett's voice has been used for a cartoon character. He portrayed James Madison in Liberty's Kids, a PBS series produced by Heyward's former company.

Apparently, Buffett was proud of his work on that show. During a tour of his Omaha office in 2007, he showed our Becky Quick the check he received as payment for the work, framed on the wall.

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