Market Tips: Risky Not to Be in Japanese Stocks

Global stocks gained again on Friday as oil rose above $67 a barrel and euro-zone manufacturing and services reports beat expectations, fuelling optimism about the economic recovery. Experts tell CNBC where are the best areas to invest in right now.

Don't Ignore Japanese Stocks

The risk associated with not owning Japanese stocks has never been greater, said Ryoji Musha, president of Musha Research.

Chinese Markets Could Make Further Gains

The Chinese market has risen over 70% year-to-date and Michael Kurtz, China strategist at Macquarie Research believes that there is still room for further gains. He explains his bullish outlook.

Bullish on South Korea

South Korea's economy grew in the second quarter at its fastest pace in the last five years. P.K. Basu, chief economist for Asia ex-Japan at the Daiwa Institute of Research tells CNBC that he expects significant improvement in South Korea in the second-half of the year.

HK Cement-Related Stocks Seen Gaining

Over the next few days, cement-related stocks might have a run-up effect due to the successful initial public offering from BBMG in Hong Kong, predicts Steve Tse, research manager at BEA Union Investment Mgmt.

Worst is Over for Chip Sector

Yoshiharu Izumi, VP & senior analyst for industrial & consumer electronics sector at JPMorgan believes the worst is over for the chip sector. He offers his outlook for the South Korean and Japanese chipmakers.

How to Trade the Dollar-Yen

Going into next week, Harry Ida, senior analyst at Thomson Reuters recommends selling the dollar-yen towards the 96 level and buying back on dips towards 94 and below.

Sell Japanese Yen

Sell the yen if it is close to the 90-level, says Vassili Serebriakov, currency strategist at Wells Fargo. He tells CNBC the yen is going to be one of the weaker currencies over the medium to long term.

Recovery Hopes Lift Risk Currencies

Asia is seeing more signs of economic recovery and that supports the ongoing strength of Asian currencies, says Rob Rennie, currency strategist at Westpac Bank.

Platinum Could Hit $1,500

Platinum prices have risen nearly 26% so far this year. Colin Bird, CEO of Jubilee Platinum, told CNBC that platinum prices could rise toward $1,500 an ounce.