Mad Mail: Another Try for M’soft & Yahoo?

Cramer started Friday’s Mad Mail by revisiting RINO International , a stock that stumped him during a recent Lightning Round. While he likes the business, which involves “greening” China’s iron and steel industry, the stock is up big in a short amount of time – 500% since the beginning of March. Considering this is just at $320 million company, Cramer said, “I would wait for the stock to cool down before getting positive on it.”

Jim: I have a question regarding Skyworks Solutions. I purchased this stock way back when it was a tech-spec on the show for a little less than $9.50 a share. Since then, this stock has had a pretty good run! Is it time to take some profits or is this stock going higher? Thanks for all the advice. --Jonathan

Cramer says: “First of all, you’re up 30%, so we always like to take something off the table … [but] the thing’s for real. I’d hold on after I rang the register to take a little money off because it is [speculative].”


Hi Cramer: Big Booyah from TAXachusetts!! What impact would a Microsoft and Yahoo! merger have on the stock price of Google ? Do you think the merger will happen, especially with the recent initial success of the Microsoft Bing search engine? --Dave

Cramer says: “Absolutely not. Carol Bartz just came in. She’s going to make something big out of Yahoo!. [Microsoft’s] Steve Ballmer has moved on. There could be some sort of collaboration. I don’t think there’ll be a deal. And Google is going to sink or swim based on the advertising cycle at this point. It is selling at 19 times earnings, which is absurdly cheap.”


Hi Cramer: What do you think about American Electric Power ? Are they a viable play within the green movement? --Ryan

Cramer says: “No, absolutely not … Dominion is your green play. And Exelon because it’s nuclear power.”

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