Revamping Healthcare: Will Obama's Plan Work?

While President Obama pushes his plan for healthcare reform, some skeptics argue that his proposal lacks the fiscal requirements and business ramifications that clearly define a successful system. Political and business insiders say that leaning away from a Socialist method and focusing on free enterprise may be key attributes of a future plan.

The Trillion-Dollar Co-Pay

"The question is where do we go? The current healthcare system has very real problems. The problem is that we don’t have real free enterprise in healthcare. It is a hybrid system. We have third party. So you don’t get the kind of productivity innovation that you get in other parts of the economy. So which direction do you go? Do you go to the socialist method that we have in Canada and England? And thankfully not because of outcomes - cancer outcomes. We have much better outcomes in this country than in those countries."

- Steve Forbes, Forbes president/CEO

The Health of the Nation

"I think we are going to get out of this economic dilemma we are in but in the long run healthcare is the single most important thing confronting the country. In the last 7 years healthcare inflation has gone up 75 percent, while overall inflation (up) 14 percent. In the last seven years, 560,000 Pennsylvanians have lost employer-based healthcare. Five more years of that and we’ll have no more employer-based healthcare. The system has to change. The President is right when he says the worst alternative is the status quo."

-Gov. Ed Rendell, (D-Penn.)/ former DNC chairman

Giuliani on Healthcare

"He (President Obama) doesn’t seem to know how many people he wants to cover. He doesn’t seem to know how much it’s going to cost. He’s telling us it’s revenue-neutral, which nobody believes. I don’t think even his Democrats in the House and Senate believes its revenue-neutral. I think the biggest tactical error was saying its revenue-neutral. Its one thing to go to the American people and say 'I want to cover 30, 40 or 50 million people that aren’t covered. It’s going to cost us money and here is what its going to cost. Do you want to pay that price?' It’s another thing to go to them and say 'We are going to cover them for nothing.' It makes no sense. All of a sudden medical services aren’t going to cost anything?"

- Rudolph Giuliani, former mayor (R-NY)

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