Cramer, Kinder Fight Climate Change

Natural gas is the bridge fuel that the US needs to kick its oil addiction. That’s why Cramer has endorsed a government-sponsored pipeline build-out and the subsidizing of nat gas-powered cars. With one stroke of the pen, President Obama could create new jobs, cut America’s carbon-dioxide emissions and keep us competitive with less environmentally conscious countries like China and India.

Cramer’s not alone, either. Chairman Richard Kinder of Kinder Morgan Energy Partners has called for an increase in natural gas and nuclear power to fight climate change. Wind and solar power just can’t compete yet – they account for only 0.16% of our present energy supply. Natural gas, on the other hand, is the cleanest fossil fuel available, and the US has tons of it.

Cramer’s been cheerleading Kinder Morgan and its 8% dividend yield for some time now. But with Obama’s cap-and-trade bill under consideration – and its potential to hurt businesses as well as average Americans – the focus Thursday was on finding the best way to fight global warming. And there’s probably no one better to ask about it than Kinder, Cramer said.

Watch the video for Cramer’s full interview with Kinder Morgan Chairman Richard Kinder.

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