Back the Stock Rally While it Lasts: Charts

There's a little bit of worry about this current rally with respect to whether it is built on solid foundations, Clive Lambert, director at FutureTechs said Thursday about the FTSE-100 index, but added that he is "pretty bullish on this market."

The FTSE's low hit in March is "the low," according to Lambert.

"People don't believe the rally," he said. "I'm just backing this trend while it's lasting."

"It's exactly the same picture in the S&P (500 index)," Lambert said. His target for the U.S. index is 1,017, adding that once it hits that there is "scope for upside."

The 10-year Bund "looks very strong," he said. "I've been suggesting to people for a good few weeks now that we should be buying dips."