This Bank Stock is 'Heart Attack Patient': Charts

Daryl Guppy, CEO of and Charting Asia blogger offered investors his technical analysis for several financials and mining companies.

Wells Fargo — The money center bank is clearly "a sideways trade," Guppy says. "Why are we trading a flatline stock in this rising market?"

Citigroup — the financial giant is a "heart attack patient." There may be "small highs" ahead, but the stock is "asleep, a-slumber."

Bank of America — Guppy has "an upside target of, initially, around the 21 level."

BHP Billiton — Guppy points to a "matter of concern" for the world's biggest miner: the stock's "trading channel is widening out," signalling that rallies can go higher — but retreats can "go a little further."

Rio Tinto — BHP's rival has a "wonderful rising trend," wherein it would be "difficult to lose money."

Guppy also offers outlooks for the Nikkei and Hang Seng exchanges and Australia's ASX 200. Watch the full interview for more.

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