Chadwick: 'Why Can’t They Simply fly on Commercial Flights?'

That’s just what Congress appears to be saying to the American people with its over the top $500 million for the purchase of eight new airplanes that will shuttle them – senators and representatives - back and forth around the world.


While they excoriate private sector executives for using corporate jets for business trips and are even haranguing business men and women for flying first class seats while on business, they themselves fly überclass on taxpayer money.

Why can’t they simply fly on commercial flights the way the vast majority of business people do?

Even going first class on a regularly scheduled flight would save a huge amount of money compared to private planes.

And, it would help the airline industry which is struggling and could well afford some more full paying first class passengers.

I guess “Government Class” is a cut above everyone else in this country and while the rest of the population is struggling to find or hold on to their jobs, is scrimping and saving, our elected officials are turning a blind eye when it comes to the ultimate in job-related perks.

The court of public opinion will only bear so much abuse.

Beware what happened to Marie Antoinette.

The guillotine may come out on Election Day in 2010.

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Patricia W. Chadwick has had more than 35 years of investment experience. She is the founder and president of Ravengate Partners LLC, a consulting firm that provides advice on financial markets and global economics.