How Many Soccer Players Does it Take to Put On a T-Shirt?

Fast food companies like McDonald's are riding out the recession by focusing more on international markets.

Burger King jersey directions
Source: Daily Mail
Burger King jersey directions

So it makes sense that Burger King would look overseas as well. After all, the company's mascot is a king! So un-American! A much friendlier concept to Europeans...

But is Burger King's latest marketing idea upside down? Yes.

That's the point.

Ad Age reportsthe company is sponsoring the Spanish soccer team Getafe. There's the obligatory logo on the outside of the team's new jerseys, which makes me want to ask one of the players for extra ketchup and hold the onions. But inside the shirts they've plastered the face of "The King"...upside down. That way, when one of the players scores a goal and does what soccer players always do -pulls up his shirt- fans will see "The King" appear right side up.

The shirt comes with its own set of instructions. Apparently the theory is that some soccer players have been hit too many times in the head and need to know how to pull up their own shirts.

Burger King Jersey
Source: Ad Age
Burger King Jersey

But, then again, maybe Getafe needs the training.

Ad Age says the team is having a terrible year (Note Step 3 in the instructions - showing how to score a goal). Maybe Burger King needs to give T-shirts to fans as well, bearing a new slogan: "Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce, score a goal or you'll upset us".

I'm here all week...

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