Market Tips: Time to Take Gains on Stocks

Global stocks were higher Thursday after Europe's two biggest economies, France and Germany, posted surprise returns to growth in the second quarter. This boosted earlier investor optimism after the Federal Reserve the previous day gave its clearest statement to date that it saw the U.S. recession nearing an end.

But experts tell CNBC investors should start rebalancing their portfolios as the stock-market rally is two thirds through.

Take Gains on Equities and Rebalance Portfolio

It will be sensible to take gains and rebalance one's portfolio, as U.S. fundamentals cannot support a raging market for long, says Stephen Gollop, CEO at Tyche.

Bullish on US and Japan

We're two-thirds through the stock market rally, says Robert Howe, CEO of Geomatrix. He tells CNBC why he is still bullish on U.S. and Japan investments.

Techs to Benefit from China's Urbanization

Markets have bottomed and conditions for the second half are more predictable, says Geraldine McBride, president of SAP Asia Pacific and Japan. McBride expects massive urbanization in China and India to create opportunities for the tech sector in the years ahead.

Equities & Dollar Drive Oil

Equities and a weak dollar continue to give direction to oil traders, says Victor Shum, senior principal at Purvin & Gertz. Shum expects a seasonally weak autumn and fundamentals to weigh in, pushing oil down to the $60s.

Buy Crosses Against Yen

The Fed says it will extend the duration, but not the size, of its treasury-buying program. Lee Wai Tuck, currency markets strategist at Forecast, says markets are taking this positively, pushing up the Dow and crosses against the yen.

Greenback Concerns Impact 2010

The year 2010 is of concern to Norbert Walter, chief economist at Deutsche Bank. He tells CNBC he is worried about the greenback weakening and the U.S. interest rates escalating as a result.