The Vick Ticket In Demand

Maybe the Atlanta Falcons should have thought about bringing Michael Vick back.

Both dollar volume sales and number of tickets purchased on secondary ticketing site StubHub have tripled in the last 24 hours for the Eagles-Falcons game in Atlanta on Dec. 6. StubHub spokesperson Joellen Ferrer said that the game will soon overtake the Falcons’ home opener against the Dolphins on Sept. 13 as the highest grossing Falcons game of the season for the eBay-owned site.

There’s also been a noticeable spike in ticket sales over the last 24 hours for the Eagles preseason home game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Aug. 27. Vick is eligible to play for that game and should definitely see some time. At an average price of $38, the price for this game is expected to rise, though it might not be the highest-priced preseason game of the year. The highest average for a preseason game on StubHub this year is the “Jay Cutler returns” Bears-Broncos matchup on Aug. 30, which is averaging $90 per ticket on the site.

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