How To Sell Something, And How Not To

As we head into the weekend, two very small examples of "how to stand out in the crowd." But only one, perhaps, succeeds.

First, in the classified section of Salt Lake City's KSL website, a woman is selling a 2-carat platinum wedding ring set plus a 2-carat pendant, for 6,900. After giving the particulars of the jewelry, the seller launches into its history.

"This ring came with a romantic proposal, then following, 8 years of lies and deceit. Which I would trade 8 root canals with no anesthesia!"

But wait. There's more.

"Apparently 'Eternity' is just a perfume, and I think it STINKS. Ultimately he lost 3 gorgeous kids and the best thing that ever happened to him! Win-Win. YOU get a ring-set at a great price and I got rid of the job-less cheat!"

She's not done yet.

"When you call, please refer to this ad as the 'Gladys, Cassy, Hilary, Brenda and Secretary' ad, because those are the women he left me and his kids for...I'm Single and gorgeous and deserve a Way better man and WAY bigger ring!"

Does the ad work? Most of the other listings for rings on the site have 25 pageviews. This one has over 7,000 and counting.

On the other hand, here's a marketing concept which...backfired. Found this one courtesy my friend Jason J. via