Favre Makes Vikings "Deals" Vanish

Call his act what you want. Old. Tired. Comical. But the bottom line for Brett Favre and the Vikings will be the bottom line. And it's looking pretty green right now.

On Tuesday morning, the Minnesota Vikings front page had a shocking, half-season ticket deal. Fans could buy one of two packages, one of which included the game against Green Bay. Maybe those type of plans are prevalent in the NBA, but not in this league, where most teams can get away with selling a season ticket to fans that include full-priced preseason games.

By noon, as the word that Favre was going to join the team got out, the half-season ticket advertising was still on the front of the Web site, but the link to the deal, not surprisingly, now led fans to a full-season package.

By 2:30 p.m. ET, the Vikings Web site changed to all Favre. The team was offering #4 jerseys in all sizes, posters and even Brett Favre jersey earrings. As for that half season ticket deal? It was history, as was a deal that offered those that bought season tickets $20 worth of free food and free parking to the season opener. Now the Vikings were saying that only season ticket packages were available and even those were “limited.”

Source: Vikings.com

It’s not like you could blame the team. They literally went from a team that obviously couldn't sell Adrian Peterson enough to a team that needed extra bandwidth and extra help from Ticketmaster.

And the secondary market was exploding. As of 2:30 p.m. ET, the average price for the Vikings-Packers game in Green Bay was $322 on StubHub

. StubHub spokesman Sean Pate also said that today has turned into the highest grossing sales days for both Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings tickets in StubHub history. The Vikings home game against the Packers was averaging $182 per seat, up six times in terms of gross sales from yesterday’s totals.

Laugh at Brett Favre. Call him whatever you want. But there has been no one in the history of sports who has generated more attention and more business around the few hours following his comebacks.

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