French Work the Least in the World: Survey

The French spend the least amount of time at work, a new survey of 73 cities around the world by Swiss bank UBS shows, while the most hours are worked in Cairo and Seoul.

On average, people in the cities surveyed worked 1,902 hours per year, but in Lyon and Paris they worked 1,582 and 1,594 hours respectively. In Cairo, they worked 2,373 hours, while in Seoul they worked 2,312 hours.

The richest workers are in New York and Zurich, where they would have to work nine hours to buy an iPod nano, while workers in Mumbai needed to work 20 nine-hour days – nearly one month's salary – to buy the gadget.

Copenhagen, Zurich, Geneva and New York were the cities where employees had the highest gross wages.

In terms of the most expensive cities, London fell from the top of the list to the 21st place because of the pound's devaluation, the survey showed.

Oslo is the world's most expensive city now, followed by Zurich, Copenhagen, Geneva and Tokyo, while New York was on the list at number 6.

—An earlier version of this story misstated New York's rank as an expenisve city.