This REIT Is Up 284%

The press corps has been relentless in its prediction that commercial real estate was doomed to collapse. Story after story has been written that highlighted all of the industry’s problems. The coverage has been so negative that investors are probably too scared to even consider the related stocks.

But the media’s been wrong before. Consider their recent panning of retail earnings, which, as Cramer pointed out, was way off the mark. Well, commercial real estate may be no different. Because despite all the bad press, the investment trusts that deal in store and office buildings have been doing quite well.

Boston Properties is up 73% since March 30, and 10% since Cramer’s June 8 call. Federal Realty has added 34% to its share price over the same period, and 12% since the company’s CEO appeared on Mad Money on July 14. Best of all, though, was Brandywine , which has soared a whopping 284% since its March 30 bottom. These real estate investment trusts have held a number of successful offerings as well, raising money for themselves and delivering profits to investors. Anyone who got in on BDN’s secondary has pocketed 55%.

So who to you believe? Cramer tends to side with stocks. But just to be sure he invited Brandywine CEO Gerard Sweeney onto Mad Money for the insider’s take. Watch for the video for the full interview.

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