Crasher Squirrel Boosts Banff


The couple who took the photo of "Crasher Squirrel" may not be cashing in yet (see my previous post), but I've learned via Twitter that the Canadian tourist mecca of Banff is! Tourism officials inserted the squirrel into several Banff locales in a video they claim has already gotten 10,000 hits. "Bring you camera to Banff. I'll be waiting!"

I've decided this madness calls for a Funny Business contest. Earlier I provided a link to Buzzfeed which allows people to insert the squirrel into any photo of their choice.

Crasher Squirrel with Warren Buffett
Source: Buzzfeed
Crasher Squirrel with Warren Buffett

So here's the contest: make your own photo with the squirrel and submit it to this blog. To make it more challenging, and to cut down on people just stealing other photos already crafted online, I want your photos to have a financial theme. Submit them to the blog email below, and next week I'll put the best ones up for a vote.

The prize? Something fittingly lame. Last week I blogged about Burger King sponsoring a Spanish soccer team, plastering the King's head upside down inside their jerseys. That way, when a player scores, he pulls the shirt up over his face to reveal the King right side up. Since I couldn't get any actual jerseys, we at the CNBC Los Angeles Bureau made our own, a plain T-shirt with the King's face upside down and inside. That's your prize! LAME...but kinda funny. More importantly, the winner will be able to say he or she has taken Crasher Squirrel to a new audience: Wall Street.

We'll vote early next week!

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