Cramer’s ‘Radioactive’ Pick

Cramer is big on making money, that’s for sure, but when you can make money and have benefit elsewhere, it’s just icing on the cake. That’s why Cramer is talking about natural gas, which can be integral in the fight against climate change. It’s cleaner than oil and coal, it’s in abundant supply, it’s cheap, and it’s also much more feasible than other alternatives like wind or solar, which could take decades to come into the mainstream.

With Natural Gas finally getting some traction in Washington, Cramer wants to bring up another “forgotten fuel”... nuclear power.

With climate change a political hot topic an energy source that emits zero carbon dioxide, is a tempting alternative, although Cramer has seen the industry’s prospects in America seemed to dim when Obama became President. However, Cramer is starting to see signs that the nuclear option may be gaining political support.

Cramer’s favorite nuclear play, the Shaw Group , an infrastructure company that is, in part, responsible for building nuclear plants — with its Fossil Fuel and Nuclear division making up 61% of its order backlog. And the company has been moving higher, up 23%, despite a disappointing quarter. Cramer sees this as the market pricing in better prospects for the industry.

Shaw Group’s been trading higher despite a tough quarter and lowered expectations, and that means something, says Cramer, who also thinks the market is saying the nuclear business is better than originally thought.

To get a more direct perspective on the state of the nuclear industry, Cramer is talking directly with Jim Bernhard, the CEO of Shaw Group. Check out the video to see the full interview!

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