What Investors Should Watch Next Week: Strategists

Stocks gained for the fourth trading session Friday and investors are wondering if the rally can continue. Robert Heller, managing director at Chapdelanie Brokerage, and Randall Rothenberg, energy trader at Battalion Capital Management, discussed what investors should be watching for next week.

“I’m a little worried about these [market] levels,” Heller told CNBC. “It’s been going gangbusters for months.”

Heller said he is worried about consumers who are unable to spend enough money to keep the economy running.

In the meantime, Rothenberg said he is watching for crude oil and natural gas levels. Crude oil hit a 2009 intra-day high on Friday at over $74 and Rothenberg said investors should be cautious going forward.

"We’ve reached a 200-weekly moving average today. If you’re looking at crude going forth into next week, you should consider buying put spreads or buy naked puts,” he said.

“The historical multiple of crude oil to natural gas is out the window," he added. "It was 14 a year ago and now you’re now over 22," he said.

"Natural gas still looks like to be in the dumps because of oversupply, and crude oil is more of an internationally based commodity and loving the fall of the dollar and equity firmness."


No immediate information was available for Grasso, Heller or Rothenberg.

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