Caught in Clunker Hell?

Customer at an auto dealership.
Customer at an auto dealership.

It is a story I've heard people whispering about over the last week. Talk of dealers holding off on completing Cash for Clunker sales until paperwork is "approved" by the Federal government has picked up in the last week. Especially as more and more dealers have seen their inventory of vehicles run lower and lower. But today, when I heard two more cases of consumers being caught in a Clunker conundrum, I started to realize the end of this program is not going to be a good one for some buyers.

Take the case of Peter who e-mailed the following to me this morning.

"I purchased my new car 7/31 from the dealer's lot and still have not received it for my clunker.

The dealer refuses to release my car even though the NHTSA (see clearly states that the dealer should release the new car to the customer since it's on their lot and they should collect my clunker before they submit the voucher."

Hmmm..seems to me Peter is in Clunker hell. Stuck with a beater the dealer should have taken in, but frustrated he can't complete the deal? Are there other people suffering the same fate as Peter, who waits for his deal to be finished?

E-mail me and let me know if this has happened to you. Let's see how many people are stuck in a Clunker situation. Later today and tomorrow I'll let you know how many people are in the same spot.

Questions? Comments?