Bernanke's Reappointment: Experts Weigh In

President Barack Obama announced Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's reappointment this morning.

The following are CNBC video highlights, where experts weigh in on Bernanke's performance, working relationships and impact on the markets.

Why Take A Chance?

"The President had other alternatives. I think the president obviously made the right choice. Whenever you have someone who's doing a good job, as Ben is, why take a chance on someone else?"

- Lawrence Lindsey, The Lindsey Group CEO & former governor of the Federal Reserve

Working Without A Guide Book

"I thought this should happen and I'm glad it did... I was surprised when Ben Bernanke got the chairmanship in the first place, but he surprised me by being very innovative and creative. And he dealt with a situation we've never had before, and he did it without a guide book."

- Robert McTeer, former president of Dallas Federal Reserve

Political Upside?

"It certainly is a defensive play. What is the political upside of throwing Mr. Bernanke? There's almost none. The reason that we see only a little [market] bump here is that it was expected."

- Scott Nations, NationsShares

'More Clarity, Less Uncertainty'

"I don't think this means very much for the markets. Most people in the market assume that the reappointment would take place. Markets now see a continuation of the same policies. There's more clarity, and less uncertainty."

- David Kotok, Cumberland Advisors chief investment officer

Bernanke's Working Relationships

"The President has really grown to like him and their relationship has really has been developing in the last several months. The working relationship with Tim Geithner is very strong. And I think having the treasury secretary and the Fed chair working hand-in-hand, having a good working relationship, at this time with our economy, is very, very important."

- Rob Nichols, Financial Services Forum

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