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You know how I like to gross you out. Can't help it. This is why I remain oddly popular with my teenage son. He and I laugh at stuff no one else in the family finds humorous.

With that said, the Washington Post this week pulled the curtain back on a new product, Doc Bottoms Aspray, the first "all over" deodorant that "goes where other deodorants can't". The following YouTube video proceed to show us just exactly what that means. It's gotten over 300,000 hits in a month.

According to the Post, Doc Bottoms Aspray is the brainchild of Long Island roofing contractor Adam Jay Geisinger. Long Island. Roofing. Contractor. It all makes sense. Post describes Geisinger and the ad as, "Think of a blond and beardless Billy Mays, as directed by Ed Wood."

MSNBC tells the Post it ran the ad once in the middle of the night, then pulled it. Green clouds of stinky gas emanating from humans doesn't work...even at 2am. But, fortunately, this is the 21st century, so everything can find a home on the internet.

Is the ad working? Are people buying the $14.95 product (plus shipping and handling! "Call and order right now, before you stink up the place!") "Absolutely buying," Geisinger tells the Post. "We knew there had to be humor to get the message across. It may be controversial, but if it wasn't, I don't think you'd be talking to me."

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