Why You - And The Economy - Should Celebrate

Cramer was worried overnight, as he said on today's Stop Trading! segment, but he is now fully rejoicing. Why? Because Ben Bernanke will remain at the head of the US Federal Reserve, of course. Despite Cramer's roller-coaster-esque and strongly opinionated relationship with the Bush-appointed successor to Allen Greenspan, he's applauding Bernanke as he avoided total collapse during the financial crisis and his continued strategy for the task at hand.

Cramer points out that two years ago this month, he went on his famous rant, saying that people would lose money if they bought a house at that time. Although he took a lot of heat for those calls - including his call of the housing bottom this summer - the world has unfortunately learned that Cramer's money-losing-guarantee has come true, with homes values dropping 20-50% in some places.

But the tide seems to be turning, as Tuesday saw the Case-Shiller index demonstrate the first month-to-month increase in home prices since the beginning of the recession, showing growth in both May and June. Now, Cramer's call of a June 30th housing bottom also looks to have come true. Another reason to rejoice!

But are there even more reasons to celebrate?

Cramer certainly thinks so... he also looks at Tuesday morning's consumer confidence number as "a thing of beauty, much better than expected." He sees this as re-encouraging news for retail names like Target, Wal-Mart and Kohl's who are optimistic for the back-to-school season.

If you're not celebrating yet, Cramer has something else that might have you putting on your party hat: the retail investor is back... in other words, regular people are putting money back to work in the retail sector, as Cramer notes booming business at Franklin Resources , a mutual fund house rallying huge Tuesday on a new wave of investments. Business is coming back in the sector and the layoffs, for now, have run their course, says Cramer.

When you think about housing stabilizing while Bernanke is staying at the helm of the Fed, and the consumer is coming back, you want to own the stocks of those companies that own the most houses. Don’t look at the home builders, says Cramer, look at the big banks who own the mortgages and foreclosures: Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan , to name a few.

As housing recovers, we find ourselves at the point in the cycle where foreclosed properties will increase in value, where future demand is high and inventory is low, you want to put your money into companies who invested in homes. After Bank of America's acquisition of Countrywide, Wells Fargo scooping up Golden West and JP Morgan absorbing Washington Mutual, these players own entire zipcodes of homes, says Cramer.

What's the bottom line? "Congratulations to Mr. Bernanke, Congratulations to the American consumer and congratulations to the investor. You didn’t let the inglorious ones get you down. You stayed in the game," says Cramer, who encourages you to celebrate alongside him.

Cramer's Charitable Trust owns Bank of America, JPMorgan and Wells Fargo.

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