Market Tips: US Rally Is Unsustainable at this Point

Global stocks were mixed Wednesday with Japanese stocks rising to 10-month highs after Wall Street posted its sixth consecutive gain overnight. U.S. stocks closed at new 2009 highs on Tuesday. But experts tell CNBC the rally on Wall Street is on shaky ground.

U.S. Rally is Unsustainable: Analyst

The rate of the rally that we have seen on the U.S. markets is unsustainable at this point, says Ben Lichtenstein, president at

Just a Technical Correction for Shanghai

The recent moves in the Shanghai Composite are nothing more than a technical correction, says Lim Say Boon, chief investment strategist at Standard Chartered Group Wealth Management.

Bullish on China

Brook McConnell, president of South Ocean Management likes well-managed but smaller Hong Kong-listed companies that invest in China.

Bernanke's Reappointment is Good for Hong Kong

The reappointment of Ben Bernanke as Fed chief for a second term is good for the Hong Kong market, believes Steve Tse, research manager at BEA Union Investment Management.

Increase Equity Exposure, Hedge Out of USD

Investors should build up their exposure to equities, says Giles Keating, global head of research at Credit Suisse. He also advises hedging out of U.S. dollars, in this installment of 'Protect Your Wealth'.

Bullish on Commodities

Coal, iron ore and steel are good commodity buys, says Justin O'Brien, vice President at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

Yen Seen Strengthening Against Euro

There is some for chance for the euro-yen to trade a little bit lower, believes Thio Chin Loo, senior currency strategist at BNP Paribas.

Aussie Needs Pullback

A healthy pullback will do the Aussie good, says Scott Morrison managing director at Tech Wizard.