Barclays’ Business On The Green

It’s that time of year again, when Barclays kicks off its annual tournament on the green. And while golf was the ‘topic du jour’ at the Liberty National Golf Course in New Jersey… business remained on the minds of both Barclays President Bob Diamond and Pro Golfer Phil Mickelson.

Maria Bartiromo kicked off the conversation with Diamond asking about the quickly approaching 1-year anniversary of Lehman’s bankruptcy and how it created opportunities for the firm. Diamond said ‘the acquisition of Lehman assets has been absolutely transformational.’ He said they have a deep client franchise in the US that they didn’t have before. Diamond also said the firm’s equities business and advisory unit is very strong.

Diamond also told Bartiromo the reappointment of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was essentially a ‘hole in one.’ Diamond said it was ‘a strong, bold decision by President Obama.’ He also believes it took uncertainty out of the market.

When asked about commercial real estate, Diamond said ‘businesses are more strategic than they’ve ever been before.’ Diamond says the business environment is actually quite positive.

As for Diamond’s golf game, well…Phil Mickelson had a few comments. Mickelson told Bartiromo that Diamond ‘had some good shots, hit some birdies…and they only lost by two shots.’

Either way, Barclays’ business ‘on the green’ and ‘off the green’ seems to be in good form.

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