Whose College Jerseys Are For Sale?

Tim Tebow Jersey
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Tim Tebow Jersey

Every year, college athletes are marketed in stores when their programs give their specific numbers to the companies to make their uniforms to sell at retail. We took a look at the Associated Press Top 25 preseason football poll and went to the official Web site stores of the teams to find out whose jerseys are being sold this year. This list probably isn’t perfect because it was hard to eliminate past players who wore jerseys that are still being sold because they didn’t have the names on the back. Only one Web site, named the players with the jerseys (Iowa).

1. Florida: Tim Tebow (No. 15)

2. Texas: Colt McCoy (No. 12)

3. Oklahoma: DeMarco Murray (No. 7), Sam Bradford (No. 14)

4. USC: None.

5. Alabama: Julio Jones (No. 8), Mark Ingram (No. 22)

6. Ohio State: Terrelle Pryor (No. 2)

7. Virginia Tech: Tyrod Taylor (No. 5), Darren Evans (No. 32)

8. Mississippi: Jevan Snead (No. 4)

T9. Oklahoma State: Dez Bryant (No. 1), Zac Robinson (No. 11), Kendall Hunter (No. 24)

T9. Penn State: Daryll Clark (No. 17)

11. LSU: Jordan Jefferson (No. 9)

12. Cal: Jahvid Best (No. 4)

13. Georgia: None.

14. Boise State: Kellen Moore (No. 11), Jeremy Avery (No. 27)

15. Georgia Tech: Josh Nesbitt (No. 9), Jonathan Dwyer (No. 21)

16. Oregon: None.

17. TCU: None.

18. Florida State: Christian Ponder (No. 7)

19. Utah: Matt Asiata (No. 4)

20. BYU: Max Hall (No. 15)

21. North Carolina: Greg Little (No. 8), Shaun Draughn (No. 20)

22. Iowa: Ricky Stanzi (No. 12), Jewel Hampton (No. 27)

23. Notre Dame: Jimmy Clausen (No. 7), Golden Tate (No. 23)

24. Nebraska: None.

25. Kansas: Todd Reesing (No. 5), Kerry Meier (No. 10)

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