Time for Rotation?

Time for rotation? Stock market bifurcates in 2009, but some argue to look for big names with no action.

This year has seen one of the biggest disparities in sector performance in years. The gainers in 2009 are largely concentrated in financials, tech, commodities and industrials:

IBM up 41%

Cisco up 35%

B of A up 28%

Dupont up 28%

MMM up 23%

The laggards--consumer staples, healthcare, and energy, have been notable underperformers:

Laggards this year

Coca-Cola up 8.6%

Kraft up 5.0%

Pfizer down 4%

Chevron down 4%

P&G down 14%

If even a modest rally continues, when will investors looking for broader exposure move into the above names?



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