Apple Confirms iPod Event


Weeks of speculation are now giving way to Apple's confirmation of a Sept. 9 iPod event in San Francisco.

The company sent out invites this morning to the special event for press and invited guests, under the title: "It's only rock and roll but we like it."

The image of the iPod-wearing shadow suggests that this indeed will be a music event and not feature the unveiling of a new, oft-rumored Mac tablet computer. The song title, from the Rolling Stones hit, might throw some analysts off the scent of a possible Beatles announcement, which has been a long-standing rumor connected to iPod and iTunes.

Now that the Beatles have licensed music to Rock Band, from Harmonix, Viacom's MTV Networks and Electronic Arts, the band's music on iTunes isn't nearly as a big a deal as it could have been if the announcement had come years ago, but it would still be significant: some analysts say The Beatles on iTunes could generate as much as $1 billion in incremental revenue.

Still, Sept. 9 is a big day for The Beatles already: Apple Corps, The Beatles label, will be releasing a completely digitally remastered library of the classics, and The Beatles on Rock Band will also be debuting.

What a day it could be if Apple could also strike an iTunes deal as well.

But nothing would be more magical now than seeing Steve Jobs mark his return to center stage and then inviting Paul McCartney up to help make the announcement. That would be special. That might be a stretch, but anything's possible, I suppose.

Meantime, it is indeed only rock and roll, but if this all somehow leads to The Beatles finally on iTunes, investors and fans will really, REALLY like it. Tech Slideshows:

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