Almost Paradise: The 3rd Best Job in the World

If you missed out on the best job in the world — being an island caretaker in Australia — and that job as a wine blogger in Sonoma, great news!

Help wanted ad
Help wanted ad

There’s an opening for a job as caretaker of a coastal property on Waiheke Island, which is a short ferry ride from Auckland, New Zealand.

The owners live on 95 acres and are looking for two people, ideally a “passionate outdoors couple,” to maintain “all grounds, gardens, surrounding paddocks, driveway and the foreshore area,” according to an ad in the Singapore Straits Times. This would include “painting, waterblasting, weed spraying, planning seasonal plantings, keeping account of servicing various plant[s] and machinery.”

They don’t specify the pay but it includes accommodations in a brand new two-bedroom unit with a sea view.

The only thing that could potentially stand in the way of you and the 3rd best job in the worldis that they want people with experience in tending extensive formal gardens, vegetable gardens and fruit trees as well as the general upkeep of at least 10 acres of land.

This is just the latest in a string of dream jobs — an oasis in this economy — that offers the unemployed a chance to peel themselves off the couch and embark on the adventure of a lifetime, something they may not have done if they weren't unemployed.

The big difference with this one is that you not only have an opportunity to benefit from green shoots of recovery but to plant them — literally!

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