Market Tips: This is Still Secular Bear Market

Global stocks were up Tuesday with defensive sectors like health care outperforming as investors took less risk ahead of U.S. economic data. Experts tell CNBC there is still buying power left in the U.S. to buy China on the market dips.

Cyclical Bull Market in a Secular Bull Market

There's buying power left in the U.S. market, says Tim Mulholland, MD at China-America Capital Company. He sees the S&P 500 index hitting 1,042 in the near term. He tells CNBC why he believes we're in a cyclical bull market within a secular bear market, adding "you shouldn't trust this market."

Investing in Small & Medium Caps

Small and medium-size cap stocks are a good play, says Brian Sheahan, managing director at RBS Morgans.

The Valuation of Stocks

1 in 4 stocks are undervalued, says Brian Sheahan, managing director at RBS Morgans. He tells CNBC that 1 in 5 stocks are overvalued.

Don't Trust the Market Price

The market price is not always right, cautions Richard Thaler, professor of behavioral science & economics at the Chicago Booth School of Business.

Buy China on Dips

Use any further pullbacks in the China market as a buying opportunity to get back in, says Chi Lo, director of research, asset allocation, strategy & investment at Ping An of China Asset Mgmt.

Credit Crisis Won't Put a Dent on ASEAN Banks

The current economic downturn will have little or no effect on the credit ratings of banks in ASEAN, Ritesh Maheswari, director of financial institution ratings, Asia ex-Greater China at S&P's told CNBC.

Short Dry-Bulks

Short dry bulk-related stocks, says John Licata, chief investment strategist at Blue Phoenix.