Look Into These Quality Dividend Sectors: Strategist

Lawrence Glazer, managing director at Mayflower Advisors shared his market insights and told investors where they should be putting their money.

“What’s been driving this market has been liquidity,” Glazer told CNBC.

Glazer thinks high quality dividend paying companies are the place investors should look into.

“We believe that the next logical place for investors to go as they search for yield are going to be high quality dividend names,” he said. “And those may be stocks that are less vulnerable because they haven’t participated or led this market.”

According to Glazer, the health care, consumer staples and telecom sectors have lagged during the market rally.

“But they offer dividend yields that exceed the overall market [and] may become the next area of interest for income seeking investors,” he said.



No immediate information was available for Glazer or his firm.


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