Market Tips: Buy on Dips; Focus on Blue Chips

Global stocks rose on Thursday as a 4.8 percent surge in China shares offset a rocky start to the month on concerns the global economic recovery is losing steam. The sharp pullback in the U.S. on Tuesday stirred some worries that stocks may have topped out and are due for a deeper retreat after rallying non-stop since March on a better-than-expected earnings season and growth outlook.

Experts tell CNBC there are buying opportunities when the market falls and that to secure wealth in the long-term, investors should look to blue-chip companies and get out of corporate bonds.

Use Correction as a Buying Opportunity

Investors should use the correction as a buying opportunity rather than an opportunity to sell into, advises Shane Oliver, head of investment strategy at AMP Capital Investors.

Volatility Offers Buying Opportunities

Discussing the U.S. markets after stocks fell for a fourth-straight day, with Joe Magyer, senior analyst at The Motley Fool. He tells CNBC that volatility in the markets present buying opportunities.

Buy Dips in Markets

Investors should buy the dips in markets, says Colin Whitehead, analyst at Fat Prophets speaking to Geoff Wilson, portfolio manager at Wilson Asset Management.

Pullback is Healthy

The recent pull-back on the market is healthy for equities, says Geoff Wilson, portfolio manager at Wilson Asset Management.

Focus On Blue Chips

Joe Magyer, senior analyst at The Motley Fool expects stocks to fall a good bit and he says it is time to pick blue chips for the longer-term.

Put Money Into Equities

Andrew Formica, CEO of Henderson Global Investors, says investors should move their focus from corporate bonds to equities. He also tells CNBC that China remains his top pick in Asia.

'Severe Correction' for China

The Shanghai Composite Index looks more like a severe correction at this stage, says technical analyst Daryl Guppy, CEO of

Buy Oil Under $70 a Barrel

Oil under $70 a barrel is a buying opportunity, according to Jonathan Kornafel, Asia director at Hudson Capital Energy.

Bullish on the Yen

The dollar could weaken towards 90 yen and below, predicts Olivier Desbarres, director of FX strategy at Credit Suisse. He outlines the reasons behind his bullish view on the yen.

Dollar-Yen to Retest 87 Yen

Daryl Guppy, CEO of charts the dollar-yen cross for CNBC and says the pair can retest the 87-yen level.