'Not Expecting Another Market Correction': Strategist

Should investors brace for a market correction? Brett D’arcy, CIO of CBIZ Wealth Management shared his market insights.

“We’re not expecting another correction, we’re still in the midst of it," D'arcy told CNBC. "There’s still a lot more [positive news] to come—the good news hasn’t even come.”

“We’re going to see good comparables in 2010 with corporate earnings, we’re going to see a rollover in unemployment in the next few months, and we’re going to see the money that’s coming from the government get into the real economy," he said. "This recovery has quite a ways to go.”

In order to prepare for the coming recovery, D’arcy recommended investors to consider the technology sector.

“This is a sector that’s going to benefit early in the recovery—it doesn’t have a lot of the financing problems that other companies have,” he said. “Many corporations in the U.S. that have to cut human resources are going to invest in technology and this is just the beginning.”



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