The Right Way to Watch Mad Money

Tonight's show is devoted entirely to teaching Home Gamers the best way to watch Mad Money. You see, some critics think that there is a legion of Cramer fans that just buys up whatever stocks he recommends, whether during the Lightning Round or his chat with company CEOs, so he wanted to make sure viewers had the tools needed to get the most from each episode.

Cramer can’t snap his fingers and make you rich, and you can’t expect to do everything he says and make money. In fact, he admits that he’s going to be wrong – often – so you shouldn’t follow his advice uncritically. If you decide to act on one of his recommendations and you lose money, he’ll welcome your hate mail. But remember that any diversified portfolio – an absolute must in Cramerica – is going to have some losers on occasion. Any decent money manager knows that.

That’s not to say that Cramer isn’t right a lot of time – he is – and this doesn’t mean that what you learn from him can’t make you mad money, but there’s no getting rich quick here. There’s no hand-holding either. The responsibility is on you to do your homework and make informed decisions before you buy. Cramer’s goal is to help you make those decisions by doing his best to teach you what he knows about the market and how the pros work it. It’s not about tossing out a couple of good stock picks. That’s why he’s always making that “give a man a fish, teach a man to fish” gag during the show.

Keep checking back for Cramer’s advice on how to watch the different segments, what he considers important and how to use his wisdom and knowledge to your advantage.

Bottom Line: This show is not your get-rich-quick ticket, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make you money.

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