Best Not to Consider China in the Short Term: Stock Picker   

Now may not be a good time to get into the chinese markets but investors should still keep a positive outlook on china for the next 12 months, says James Falkiner, Director and CEO of Falkiner Global.

"The view on China is that the urbanization process will continue," Falkiner told CNBC. "Their demand for commodities will continue and we like this sort of outlook for the economic situation on a 12-month view. For the market in the short-term, I think it got a little bit overheated and it's just pulling back from those extreme levels."

Falkiner's fund discourages investing in emerging economies such as China. He says in this climate, it is probably best to focus on developed markets.

"You know to do emerging markets, it's a much higher level of due diligence. And once you have done your initial due diligence and taken your positions, it's more about monitoring them."

He is upbeat on Japan because he sees the economic climate there improving.

"There's a lot of pent-up potential demand from consumers in Japan if we can get the employment situation back on the front foot. What we need to see is a weaker yen."

Falkiner is bullish on Japanese financials such as Mizuho Financial. He says United Denke also belongs in his list of favorites.

Falkiner says the U.S is not out of the woods yet. Unemployment is a major trouble spot. But he does see a marked improvement in the housing market. He recommends homebuilders like Ryland Group.

Tech stocks like Apple, Amazon and Dell are also good picks.

Falkiner says he is particularly bullish on fertilizer company, Mosaic.

"I think there was a bit of concern and caution for awhile on the fertilizer front but I think things will pick up there and Mosaic is an interesting exposure."

Falkiner Likes:


Home Depot






Owns Ryland, Mosaic, Mizuho and Amazon