Gaddafi Calls for an End to Switzerland: Report

Switzerland should be wiped off the map and its land divided between France, Italy and Germany. That is what Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi is calling for in a motion he filed to the United Nations, according to newspaper reports.

President Moammar Gadhafi of Libya
President Moammar Gadhafi of Libya

Gaddafi is set to put forward his plans to eradiate the Alpine state when Libya officially takes over the annual presidency of the UN General Assembly on September 15, the Daily Mail newspaper reported.

Relations between Switzerland and Libya have been tense since Gaddafi's son and his son’s wife were arrested and accused of assaulting a hotel chambermaid in Geneva a year ago.

Even though the complaint was dropped and the couple released on bail, Gaddafi withdraw $5 billion from Swiss bank accounts, closed Swiss business in Libya and arrested Swiss nationals in the country.

Gaddafi first mentioned his plans to get rid of Switzerland at the G8 summit in Italy in July, the report said.

"Switzerland is a world mafia and not a state," he said, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper.

A spokesperson for the United Nations told that no official filing had been received from Gaddafi. A spokesperson for the Libyan government was not immediately available to comment to