Market Tips: Dollar to Fall as Stocks Get Hot

Global stocks rose for the second day in a row on Tuesday with emerging market shares hitting new year highs and gold rising above $1,000 an ounce. Experts tell CNBC the dollar will fall in the short-term as investors' interest in stocks peaks.

Bearish on the Dollar

Expect the dollar to continue to head down towards year-end, says Callum Henderson, head of FX strategy at Standard Chartered. He explains his bearish view on the dollar.

Don't Stay Too Long in Cash

Cash needs to be put to work sooner or later, says Chris Kimber, senior advisor at Bell Potter. He tells CNBC that investors should not stay in cash over a long period.

Investors Pegged to Increase Investments

38% of investors are expected to increase investments in the next 6 months, according to a survey by Investsmart. Ron Hodge, managing director at Investsmart speaks to CNBC about this.

Dollar Could Bounce Higher, Oil Head Lower

We could see a bounce in the greenback over the short-term and oil could head lower, says Akhi Kamkolkar, head of Futures at Halifax Investment Services.

Spot Gold Could Hit $1,120

According to the charts, if spot gold prices can break above the $1,040 level, it could be on its way to test $1,120, says Ray Barros, CEO of Ray Barros Trading Group.

China Auto Sector Can Grow Upwards of 15%

Over the next five years, Ivo Naumann, MD of AlixPartners expects to see a growth rate of 15% or more in the Chinese auto sector.

Hot on China's Property Sector

Philip Niem, head of Asian discretionary portfolio mgmt at Barclays Wealth has been increasing his exposure to China's property sector. He explains why, in this installment of "Protect your Wealth."

HSI Seen Posting Further Gains

The Hong Kong markets will rise further in the weeks ahead, says Vicks Poon, head of investment advisory at Fubon Bank Hong Kong. He tells CNBC what is providing support for the market.